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1.  He loves me no matter what. I do have a lot of inequities & infirmities,  but he still loves me unconditionally.

2. He is a responsible Husband and a good Father. What more can I say???  Two thumbs up ^_^

3. He is not the “jealous type guy”. Well nowadays it is really very hard to see someone with this trait.  I believe that JEALOUSY in a relationship is bad, and it ruins one’s marriage.

4. He is a patient BESTFRIEND. And I am the opposite.  (Opposite attracts) :p

5.  He is  understanding. Quarrels & misunderstanding in a relationship is unavoidable.  But my hubby always understands all of my tantrums.  :p

6.  He provides all of my needs. Yes, you got it!  In all aspects (Financially, emotionally, etc…)

7.  He SPOILS me. There is a saying.  “The customer is always right.”  In our case,  “The wife is always right.” hihihi  joke.

8.  He is a good cook. I am not good in the kitchen,  but when I marry him, I became attached to cooking because he influenced me.  (For sure my mom will be happy to see me cooking ‘coz I do not know how to cook before, even just cooking rice or frying an egg).

9.  He is a positive thinker. Trials are a part of a married life.  But every time we encounter such obstacles, I cannot see any “NEGA” in him.  Instead of blabbering  out it, he thinks of ways how to solve it.

10.  Last but not the least,  I LOVE HIM. Do i need to explain it more???  That’s the very first reason why I marry him 🙂

These are just a few of the reasons why I love my husband. I will not leave him and  I’ll be in his arms and hold his hand for the rest of my life. ^_^

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