Last night, I was surprised that my hubby and I are having a dinner date (whooopppssss, not necessarily dinner ‘coz it was only past 5 pm that time – alam nyo na, after six, pampabawas guilt).   I thought,  it was a despedida party for his officemate…But it’s not 🙂   Kase naman nowadays, bihira na kami lumabas ni hubby dahil masarap naman siya magluto, at the same time, our new house helper is also a good cook…plus, we barely eat at dinner time (kadalasan cereals lang).

To make the long story short, because of my cravings for pizzas for the past few months,  we decided to eat at SBARRO (Glorietta 5).

Lately lang naman ako  nagcrave sobra sa pizza (maybe because I am dieting for more than a month now).  As far as I  remember, last week lang yata we ordered Yellow Cab’s Roasted Garlic and Shrimp.

This tempting specialty pizza with                shrimps,    onions, roasted garlic in wine-butter sauce is really yummy-licious!  (Available in 10″, 14″ and 18″) and price ranging from Php 375-Php 805).

Best served hot & add generous amount of chili and pepper or hot sauce.

This particular pizza is one of my old-time faves.  Before, I can even consume 4-5 pieces of an 18″ pizza.  But now, believe it or not, a 10″ is enough for both of us. :p

Well, the truth is, if  I am stuck in a particular place with the following pizza parlors: Yellow Cab, Greenwich, Pizza Hut, Niro, Dominos, etc..  I would be spending on the first one. 🙂

By the way, back to our dinner date…we end up eating  at SBARRO.  The last time I visit Sbarro is way back 2008) and I can’t even remember what I ordered).  Maybe because, during those times, I love eating rice (rice lover),  than pizzas hahaha! (I am not a pizza lover before, to be honest)

And here’s what we ordered:

A generous whole serving of meat lasagna with 2 big baked meatballs and a piece of garlic bread (Php 198.00)-whole serving only

1 pc Chicago Supreme Stuffed Pizza

(Php 172.00)/each

*(Php 1,376.00)/1 whole

And last but not the least,  Chicago Supreme white – Php 172.00/ each

I am supposed to order lang sana this White Cheese signatured pizza: (Php 85.00/each)

…but I mistakenly pointed Chicago Supreme White Stuffed Pizza :p

Our bill is almost Php 600.00 but I didn’t regret ‘coz their pizzas are really mouth-watering and great, especially, their Chicago Supreme White. ^_^

I am having a hard time  eating all of these,  so we ended up not finishing the meat lasagna, and we decided to just take it home. (hehehe sayang di kaya yun noh!)

To sum it up, I am very satisfied with SBARRO’s signatured pizza(s).

So ngayon mga peeps, hindi na Yellow Cab ang pinaka-fave kong pizza.  Obviously ^_^.

I will keep on going back at Sbarro.


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…and just like that…

Posted: March 26, 2010 in Life on a DIET
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Another week has passed….now, after those tiring AB Crunches everyday, and that no-rice diet in the evening, plus water therapy (wherein I almost vomit in the morning every time I drink 4 glasses with an empty stomach, so I drop it to 2 glasses, sometimes to only 1 glass)—I just make sure that I would be able to drink AT LEAST 9 glasses of water a day…tadaaa!  I lost half a kilo. (waaaaahhhhhhhh, yun lang???).  They told me, ganun daw talaga.  I felt like I was already dieting for a year, where in fact, i am only on my 3rd week!  Sa totoo lang, kung wala ka talagang “DETERMINATION”, malamang ilang araw pa lang suko ka na, lalo na pag may masasarap na pagkain. 😦

We Filipinos are food lovers, kaya nga kahit saan, kahit sa bangketa, may makikita kang tindang pagkain (how ironic since a lot of Filipinos are starving)..Hay, ewan ko ba.  Pero ang lola nyo, sa kabutihang palad, di na masyadong na te-tempt sa pagkain (paminsan minsan nagccrave pa din ako sa lasagna, siomai/sharksfin, ice cream).   Gaya ngayon:

My old time fave, lasagna (I like it home made)-Chef Giada de Laurentiis Recipe

Wow, sharksfin (the best at Kowloon House)…

My fave Haagen Dasz Ice Cream…

Hay buhay.  May pambili ka nga ng pagkain, di naman pwede kumain.

Yan ang tinatawag na tiis-ganda (lolz, ano ba yun haha).  Di bale, I believe naman na these sacrifices will help me become healthy.

PAGBIGYAN NYO NA AKO, dito ko na lang idinadaan ang cravings ko.

Now my plans:

1.  Study how to cook delicious but healthy treats (e.g. salads, seafood pasta, vegetarian lasagna, etc).

2.  Next month, baka magpatingin din ako sa isang Endocrinologist to make sure I am doing the right diet, wala pa lang kaseng time.

I’m going for it!!!


Posted: March 19, 2010 in Life on a DIET
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