A Call for a Change: My 14-day Commitment with PANTENE

Posted: September 22, 2010 in PROMOS/FREEBIES/CONTESTS
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Decisions in life are complicated….but there’s one thing that I just found out lately ^_^ Committing for a change isn’t. I learned that I just need commitment for a change to solve my dilemma, and I strongly believe that I made the right decision. What pushed me to do such a thing? Aarrrgh, having a bad hair day…EVERYDAY! It’s not a new thing to me since the time I started dyeing my hair. I tend to pull up my hair everyday just to avoid seeing my hair problems: Unfashionable isn’t it? 😦 Same hairstyles everyday. Well, it’s way better rather than to see that my crowning glory is damaged:


Hair fall, frizzy hair, split-ends and tangles were the “major major” problems of my hair. Well, the moment I learned about PANTENE’s 14-day commitment, I didn’t hesitate to buy PANTENE Hairfall Control Shampoo, Conditioner and Intensive Treatment to see it for myself 🙂 We’ll see how the New PANTENE can help me transform my hair from damaged to glorious one! I COMMIT TO CHANGE!!! ^_^ Please –>CLICK THIS LINK<– to go to my “I COMMIT 2 CHANGE” experience. Happy reading 🙂


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